How To Create A Beautiful World. Starting Today❤

How do you currently see the world?
Is it a glass half-empty? Is the world over-populated? Too many people? Ecologically going down the drain? Difficult relationships?
Or is it a glass half-full? Beautiful people everywhere? Diverse? Nature and the environment are beyond measure? 
Maybe it’s a mixture or you say it depends on the day, your mood, or what happens in the news?

What if I told you that the world is none of the above? That the world and your relationships are instead like blank screens and that they have no inherent or intrinsic qualities. That your mind is a projector. That you are completely projecting the world you see, the relationships you have and the very quality of those relationships. The projections have all come from what you’ve allowed into your mind and then affirmed and reaffirmed with your speech and actions?

That this is the true and only reason why the world you see looks so different from the world other people see.

That the world you see is neither a glass half empty nor half full, in fact there’s no glass at all. This is not a matter of thinking outside of the box, when you realize that there was never a box. It is not a matter of wearing rose-colored glasses, it’s a matter of understanding your mind.

Reality is a blank canvas, the world that you see if the paintbrush of your mind – there are no greens, reds, and blues and other colors out there – that is your mind.

There is no way out. This is the wisdom of no escape. You are creating the world with your intentions. Your thoughts, speech and actions.

Take complete responsibility. One way or another you are living out the world that you have made, so make it a good one.

That if you wanted to change the world you see and turn it into a beautiful world filled with love, kindness and beauty that you would have to really resist letting certain types of negative things in and work really hard to think, speak, and act positively.

That everything you do creates a potential in your mind and that potential – like a seed could grow into something very beautiful or very destructive. I’ll give you an example of how we create destructive tendencies and then explain how to create a beautiful world filled with love.

I have a client who cheated on his wife with a woman in the office. Larry says it just happened. It just happened. And he really believes this.

If was after-hours at work and Cindy was in the copy room and Larry went into the copy room and they caught each other’s eyes and one thing just led to another – and that was that – like instinct he says. He even disingenuously tells me through the mirage of insecurity that he is a really good-looking guy and women are always like this with him. Apparently to some degree it’s the woman’s fault. He goes on to ask me that if I were in the same situation if I wouldn’t be tempted to do the same thing? He then shows me a picture of her and describes how attractive she is.

But the seeds for cheating were planted long ago…it didn’t, “just happen,” in the copy room. The seeds were nurtured decades before. Forty years ago a young boy was secretly searching through Dad’s dresser and found the Playboy. Secretly he returned to these images again and again. The endless times Larry and his friends harmlessly just “checked it out,” consistently objectifying women. Combined with agreeing with and covering up another friend’s affair eight years ago. Having emotionally charged relationships and overt sexual conversations with other women. Fantasizing about other women while making love to his wife. Mix in a little tension at home with his wife and kids. Larry says it just happened – but it didn’t just happen. He planted the seeds and nurtured the latent potentials throughout his life.

The affair was the culmination of a lifetime of thoughts, speech and actions. It would have obviously been best to undo and purify the destructive latencies before the negative conduct happened obviously. But that is the gift of suffering sometimes – it forces us to pay attention and look in the mirror of our mind and discover with a little insight and wisdom where we went wrong. But for now, Larry painted his own painful reality and he’ll have to work very hard with his thoughts, speech, and actions to create a different world for himself. Simply apologizing and saying he won’t do it again are not going to erase the latencies. If he doesn’t work hard psychologically – statistically speaking – he’ll do it again.


The power of the unconscious mind to project it’s latencies is far stronger than the best of immediate willpower and intention over the long-term.
Everything can be changed, but it’s work – and a shift in worldview to understand and take responsibility for the worlds we create for ourselves. The world is a blank screen and our thoughts are indeed the projector at all times. There is no bad day. There is no wrong side of the bed. The world does not happen to us. We make our world. How do you make the world you want? How to construct a world filled with your highest aspirations? How to transform the world you see? Careful with what you put in, but be equally careful with what you put out and how you frame your reality. If you want to be truly happy you’re going to need to create a very different and very conscious blueprint.

Listen carefully – Stop saying you deserve to be happy. That’s a start. Or that you deserve a good relationship or that you are in any way entitled to anything at all. That is the giving up and loss of your power. What you deserve is the result of taking your power back and working really hard to create the life you want by changing yourself from the inside out. No more blaming and demanding that the world outside of your mind be different than it is. You need to change yourself if you want to be happy.


What I’m about to say is the great secret that’s not a secret at all all if you’ll open both your eyes and your heart.

This is where you must start to create the world you want: Recognize that kindness is being shown to you non-stop all of the time. Recognize that you live in a world of kindness. You are the result and ongoing recipient of universal loving-kindness.
Nothing good has ever happened to you in your life that was not due to the kindness of others. Your birth. Your clothes. Education. Your country. The roads. Your phone. The trash collector. People who wait on your tables in the restaurant. Your relationships. Your pets. Children. Even difficult people are teaching you lessons if you’ll reframe and pay attention. People are helping you quite literally – all of the time. Wake up and notice! Recognize that your life is filled with people helping you all of the time. Hardly a moment has passed without kindness being shown to you..every thread of the clothing that you are wearing right now is the result of kindness.

If you aren’t recognizing this there is a very precise reason. Because you’re discounting kindness. You say that’s not kindness – they’re being paid. They’re supposed to do that. If they didn’t do it someone else would.

You think you’re being clever by discounting? That you’re being smart? You’re not – you’re being very very foolish. You gain nothing from discounting except missing out on the love that is truly embracing you from every direction.

Drop your defenses and pay attention! You are surrounded by loving-kindness. Your very breath is the result of someone else exhaling. The trees, the earth and your natural environment are all providing for you. You are the living beneficiary of a great and loving universal kindness.

You live in abundance – stop being greedy and asking for more. Stop saying you deserve this and that. Take stock and be profoundly grateful for what you already have or you will never ever be satisfied with anything. Look at yourself. If you don’t like and can’t live with what you see then change your painful view. If you need help then humble yourself and ask for help. But whatever it takes – stop living in a self-created world of pain and begin to love and be profoundly grateful for what you already have and had. You live in a beautiful world full of never-ending wonder and potential – don’t miss it.

Rewind the videotape of your mind. Go back as far as you can and replay all of the kindnesses you can from your Mom teaching how to tie your shoes to your first-grade teacher teaching you how to read. Slow down. Take a day off. Fast forward through this precious beautiful life of yours. Your life has been a shower of kindness and love from others.

Once you recognize that kindness has been shown to you breathe deeply all the way down to the lower part of the diaphragm. If you’re breath holding then you’re resisting at the somatic level. Stop bracing yourself and resisting the kindness. Breathe it in. You are blessed – beyond fortunate. Breathe in the love that’s been shown to you.

Loving-kindness is a gift. No one has to be helping you. They simply are. Stop the discounting and be grateful to be alive. Be grateful that you have so much love in your life. You live with plenty. You have more than enough to be happy. Everything from here is the cherry on top. You aren’t here for very long so love deeply while you are and embrace the love that you have been so freely given. Love is a gift.

Finally acknowledge one last piece: That the kindness that had been shown to you has changed your life. Where would you be without the kindness that has been shown to you at every level? You are and have been the recipient of loving-kindness every step of the way along this long and interesting journey. Open your good heart now. Allow the love that is present to stream into your life – It’s all around you. Recognize now where a loving-world comes from. Love comes in from acceptance of the world around you. Love is created in projected out by your own mind, your speech and your actions, True and lasting happiness comes from this recognition. Happiness does not come from money and material things. The greatest happiness is love, and love is immaterial.


Have a beautiful day. You live in a beautiful world. If you don’t see it – make it so. Grow and nourish the seeds of your good heart

Self-Discovery: An Inner Journey


Roughly five hundred years before Christ, Socrates issued his famous dictum, “That a life unexamined was a life not worth living: Know thyself.”

At approximately the same time in Northern India the ascetic wanderer Siddhartha Gautama, soon to be known at the Awakened One, the Buddha, was exploring the depths of mind, consciousness, and body through a process called mindfulness.

Mindfulness is the ability to non-judgmentally and non-reactively observe thoughts, emotions and physical sensate experiences (pain and pleasure) come and go without attachment. The result of this process is a deep inner-contentment, a joyful release, and a freeing of being pushed and pulled by sense faculty desires and aversions, stories created by the mind and the ensuing emotions that follow. Freedom from stress and suffering – in the beginning a temporary freedom, and finally a lasting freedom known as awakening or enlightenment. In effect, mindfulness at its deepest levels is a knowing (insight) of oneself that finally transcends the very egoistic self that was restlessly pursuing the very freedom it was seeking. This realization is known as Nirvana.

In the interim there is a massive reduction in the production of the four primary stress hormones (cortisol being primary), high blood pressure, insulin levels, bone density loss, a massive reduction in afflictive and destructive emotions such as anger, anxiety, depression and guilt. All of this is quite testable and done without medication. A deep acceptance, love, and compassion for oneself and others are the results of long-term practice.
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Mindfulness Meditation Centers

Please put aside the typical excuses such as I can’t sit still or my mind can’t calm down..of course we know this already, this is what everyone says..this is precisely what we do, we help you learn exactly how to manage and understand these very processes.

We do not promote Buddhism or any other religion, only introspection and self-examination. There is no need to be frightened by the process of sitting quietly with your own mind and body without electronic distractions for a few days. Unplugging is good for you – healthy, and inspiring. You will have a penetrative understanding of your own being, you will learn so much about yourself by sitting still and being radically simple that you’ll wonder why you hadn’t done this sooner.

Thousands of people of all ages, races, genders and sexual orientation walk through our doors each week (donation only) from all levels of socio-economic status.

Mindfulness is for everyone.

You Are So Valueble 

If you’re new to this, welcome! This is how we start our day as meditators and Buddhist practitioners. If you’re from another faith or without faith that won’t matter as this is a non-religious exercise in love for ourselves and humanity. This remembrance is a very sweet and special way to begin each morning: 
Briefly contemplate (think about) this subject for 2-3 minutes each day as the first step in your morning practice. For the next three days I’ll be posting on how to contemplate the remaining three practices – simply add one each day. These brief practices will positively change your life in a short amount of time. You are encouraged to sustain these contemplations everyday for the rest of your life. Let’s start with the first one now – the precious human birth.

Slow down, take a few deep breaths – really connect to your breathing. 
Begin by contemplating the opportunity you have been afforded by having a precious human birth: 
You are very fortunate. Your human existence is invaluable, for you are endowed with the freedom and conditions necessary for developing and practicing loving-kindness and compassion. You also have the ability to help yourself and others to stop suffering and contribute to the overall welfare of our world and every living being. You have the possibility of leaving this world each day a much better place than you found it. 
It’s of no use to intellectualize the preciousness of your human birth – instead – feel that having this human life is very special, that this is an incredible opportunity. Do you feel it? Can you feel your potential? It is so vital, so important to come back to this each day – to know your worth, to both know and to feel that you are very important, that you are very special and have extraordinary meaning. It is the same feeling a mother would have holding her only newborn child – beaming, hopeful, so full of life and promise. 
Appreciate and take stock in what you have. A body that works, sense faculties – your eyes, your ears, your nose, your tongue, you have an amazing ability to feel. You have your limbs, and a mind of vast and creative potential. Many people are not as fortunate as you, but at least they have their mind. And many people do not even have that. Many people do not even have full use of their limbs and sense faculties. Take stock and rejoice in what you do have. You are alive, and you are blessed. You do make a difference and can do even more…Please start your day like this, take the time to feel these things, how blessed you are, and to appreciate the sacredness of your life.
You are in a free country, you have freedom of speech, expression, and religion. You have the freedom to have property, to vote and receive an education. In our country so far, things are easy to come by – almost anything you could ever want is right at your fingertips. And it is also so easy to give back – so easy to share all that you have received. 
And before you fall asleep, do you feel, “Wow, I’m so fortunate I have enough food to eat, a bed, and I’m warm?” Perhaps, but far too often – no. Too often people feel the opposite about their lives. 
They demand, “I want more, I want things to be different, better.” Or…“I’m bad, worthless…I’ve been abandoned…I’m unlovable.” 
Generally this is because you’re caught by ego, which is never, ever satisfied. Ego always needs something, it wants something because it’s vacant and empty. Self-fulfillment is never fulfilling for very long. It’s painful to acknowledge just how many people are caught and ensnared here; More painful to admit that this has been ourselves. 
But honestly, your life is really very good. That’s what you need to consider about your precious human birth. Think about how much freedom you have because of this human birth, how good this circumstance is for practicing and relating to the world with wisdom, loving-kindness and compassion. 
You have food, warmth, safety, and you have teachers. In every session of meditation purposely reflect on this because the rest of our training is based on resting the mind. Contemplating on the preciousness of your birth will help you to feel safe and protected – safe enough to put your mind at ease and rest. 
It’s vital that you feel safe enough in your own worth and value so that you feel that it’s okay to give of yourself – to share and to be generous with whatever you have with others and without regret. 

You need to influence your emotional understanding about the preciousness of your life, and that influence comes through a conscious willingness to train your mind. 
You just have to think about it again and again until you feel it in your whole emotional system, until everything inside your body agrees that, “I know I have a precious and valuable human life. I feel how important this opportunity is!” 

Once you have conviction about the preciousness and importance of human existence, you’ll want to use it all of the time to the very best of your ability. As the Buddhist master Longchen Rabjam said, “We now have the independence to genuinely apply ourselves, so do not squander your life on pointless things.”

Start with being grateful. Begin each day by being GRATEFUL. Try to come up with three new things everyday – three heartfelt gratitudes. Write them down each day in a journal, your gratitude journal. Review your gratitudes each week and in no time you will start to know and feel your precious human birth.

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Be Present Just for A Moment

Notice whatever your current predominant attitude, emotive, or felt state is. That’s conceptual – meaning your thinking is describing what you’re experiencing. See if what you’re experiencing is only what your mind is describing. Briefly rest with that experience.

Now notice what the awareness is like that is recognizing that predominant state. What’s it like – only what it feels like – not what you think about it. Recognize its spacious, light, warm quality. This is called non-conceptual awareness. Rest with recognition in that awareness.

Go one step further: what is the awareness of that awareness like? What does it feel like? That’s awareness recognizing itself – which we call self realization – not you recognizing awareness – simply awareness recognizing itself.

When you stop paying attention to awareness what awaits you are appearances to awareness – Sounds, visual phenomena, tastes, smells, tactile sensations, thoughts and emotions. All of these are appearances are rising from, briefly abiding in, and returning to and not separate from awareness. These appearances are the results of your past thoughts, speech, and actions – they are not you. You are not a temporary mental or emotional state. Be the awareness.

Consequently go for protection from suffering as well as the joy of contentment in awareness – not in the appearances of awareness, or you will be like a suffering dog who cannot stop chasing its own tail. Free yourself. Relax. Don’t fixate on, adopt, or reject any appearance. Simply let them come and go without attachment. Recognize and rest in present moment natural uncontrived awareness. 

May you be happy, well, safe, peaceful and at ease.

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