Angels Among Us


A smile in a moment of despair; someone to hold your hand; someone to guide you when you needed direction; a word of encouragement when you least expected it. The teacher who took the time to help you understand a difficult subject. An open door when your hands were full. A job offer when things weren’t looking so good. Someone to hold you in the dark. Medicine when you were sick.

A ray of sunlight, a gust of wind. A glass of water to quench your thirst. There are angels if you’ll open your eyes.
Angels come in other forms too: Perhaps your Mom and Dad. Your child. Family or a friend who needs assistance. Angels come in other forms you’d least expect: A homeless person asking for help. Someone who cuts you off in traffic. An unkind word. Cancer. A terribly painful and difficult relationship. Betrayal. The loss of someone you truly loved. Death and dying. Lessons on gentleness, generosity, patience, impermanence, the fragility of your life – the lessons are abundant.

The greatest teachers in your life, the greatest teachings, the lessons learned – you don’t know who is who exactly, angels come in many different forms. In the tradition that I have matured in, we come to understand that they are everywhere, you just have to open your eyes. Perhaps you’re an angel in the making, temporarily fighting off the demons. Look beyond yourself, beyond the ordinary view, in your life right now, there are people who are trying to help, love, and cherish you. Open your heart. Life is very different with this change of view – beautiful and magical, a series of unending teachings and instructions. A gift. Do you see them?