We Are All Bathed In The Same Light☀️

Sometimes I wish I could shake people into loving themselves. How many times have my friends, students and clients dropped their defenses – unlocked themselves to reveal that they are living in a previously unmentioned and undisclosed fear? 

Fearful that there is secretly something so bad or so wrong with them that they will never find a home in someone else’s heart. Wanting and longing for deeper contact and connection. You are so lovable, more than lovable – but first you must learn to love yourself.
On the outside they will never know. Often so handsome, so pretty. Smiling and proper. So well-rehearsed. Hidden away in a very deep pocket filled with fears, insecurities, doubt and self-shame. Catching themselves staring at the clock far too often – a secret collector of minutes passing by. It’s bewildering how present the absence of joy and love can be when you allow it to control your life. 

Sometimes you get lost trying to find yourself. As I often say, “it’s hard to see the picture when you’re the one in the frame.” While no one can truly save you but yourself it often helps if you will allow someone else to hold the mirror – so you can get a better view with a little distance, light and reflection. It’s okay to be vulnerable and ask for help. You don’t always have to try so hard to keep it together. Sometimes the best way to put yourself together is by allowing this version of you to fall apart. So many times I have seen that the pain that seems so real will soon be nothing other than a misunderstood dream of a time gone by – a fading memory.

When the chaos subsides and settles you will finally be able to smile back at the world with authenticity and genuineness. There will be no more monsters lurking in the shadows. You will no longer have to pay the price for abandoning what you were meant to do in this world. When you let it all go you will discover that there was nothing ever wrong with you – that nothing has ever happened that could ever truly scar or damage you. 
You can remove the thorn and release the pain until there’s nothing left. You can become aware and no longer be imprisoned by your impulses. The road to healing begins with an intention. Happiness is based on believing in yourself once more and drawing on the well from within. Happiness is an internal choice, not a series of outer conditions. ❤️❤️❤️ 
Once you free your mind you will discover that we are all bathed in the same light, the same potential – just different reflections of the same loving eternity. 

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Passionate Love

It would be so easy to settle for companionship. For years I’ve watched couples in counseling gravitate toward the middle, what even they describe as “good as it gets, I guess,” being comfortable, and just feeling safe.

I’m fascinated by extraordinary people who also have extraordinary relationships. People who live not only their lives to the fullest, but are complimented even further by their partners. And there’s more – they keep it going throughout their lifetime together.

We’ve had the chance to interview many of these unfortunately rare couples. Thirty years together plus, and still passionate for each other. Is there a commonality? Yes! What have we discovered?

These passionate couples share these five qualities in common, and I seriously recommend that if you’re going to be in a relationship that it has these qualities, and if you’re not in a relationship with these qualities – to recalibrate – and quickly!

1. They have the same sexual frequency – this is the number of times over a given period under optimal circumstances that they desire to be with each other sexually. Inevitably this turns out to be a deal breaker for passionate people if it’s not met.

2. They are emotionally responsible. They don’t blame each other or make demands on one another. In fact they are each other’s biggest fans and supporters! This is huge. They support each others dreams and aspirations even when it’s inconvenient. They have similar communication styles and take complete 100% responsibility for their behaviors and emotions.

3. Their values and beliefs are aligned. Think religion, ethics, financial responsibility, philosophy of life, vision.

4. Intellectually compatible. Need I say more? Not a deal breaker necessarily, but definitely a stressor if there’s a mismatch.

5. Recreational Activities. She likes to camp, he’s a metrosexual. Again, not a deal breaker, but a stressor.

Passionate couples who last over the long term – are five out of five on our checklist. They consequently know what to expect from each other – they have a degree of certainty which creates stability. Consequently they have little fear of uncertainty and both trust and support the changing passions of their partner. They are behind them all the way. They can’t seem to get enough of them, and support them to the end.

I highly recommend never settling for anything less than this regardless of the consequences. This is your life, and be fair to your partner as well, recalibrate as often as necessary. Staying together without passion is not what we’re looking for. Lots of people manage that, there are plenty of ordinary relationships, we’re seeking something else!

There’s more to it than this of course, but this is a great start!

One last bit of advice, and it’s completely telling of the relationship: In your heart do you believe that this person would be there for you if you were sick, injured, bed-ridden? Could you see this person sticking it out with you on your deathbed? If the answer is no, you’ve got some talking to do with yourself.

If you’re going to be putting your life into this, and that’s what a passionate relationship is all about, watch that selection process and save yourself years or even a lifetimes worth of heartbreak.
Finally, if it’s just not happening, do both of you a favor, don’t be afraid to fire someone, to let go and move on. It’s your life and you’re worth it.

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