Mindfulness Counseling

What is Beyond Therapy?

The method for the highest degrees of success in counseling for the treatment of depression, anxiety, anger, guilt and other destructive emotions is known as Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy. We go beyond this however. Quite literally we go Beyond Therapy. We don’t want our clients to be as Sigmund Freud said, “less miserable,” we want them to be functioning and happy. This is our expertise.

Long ago we were discouraged by the results of traditional counseling. Often there were no goals at all. Not one. Just endless counseling sessions at high rates of money that seemed in the end to benefit no one except the therapist’s pocket. What other type of business could continue without clear goals? Worse yet we became aware of the contra-indicative effect of counseling – where many clients by continuously talking about their painful past left their counseling sessions feeling even worse and more discouraged then when they started. Endless talking without an end in sight. No clear methodology, no clearly defined goals, no positive outcome. The final straw? How can it reasonably be expected that anyone would see radically different positive results in their destructive emotions by meeting only once per week for a little less than an hour? Think it through – that leaves clients six days and twenty-three hours to return back to their old destructive patterns and behaviors. Much of the current system of psychotherapy and psychiatry is antiquated, and simply doesn’t work.

We present the opposite model: three months is our goal and leaving our clients with a lifetime worth of lessons so as not to relapse to past behaviors. We do meet once a week, sometimes twice, but we have daily assignments and contact with our clients by text and email. Constant reinforcement leaves our clients with the extraordinary opportunity to turn their lives around quickly. With over a thousand clients we already both know and are more than confident in the results. Of course, everyone who signs up with us is already aware that the daily commitment to both mindfulness meditation and cognitive exercises will take at least and hour and a half a day, but they are highly motivated to do so. Why? Because they see the results quickly – within a few weeks they see dramatic declines in destructive emotion scores without medication in most cases. Yes, it’s a commitment, and yes it’s worth it.

We meet in person, by phone, FaceTime or Skype worldwide. Thousands of videos and audio talks are also available. Live seminars, lectures and retreats are available at several location and online.

For more information and pricing contact me directly at 941.416.1890 or email at Michael Gregory

The schedule is either generally close to full or on a waiting-list. If you’re seriously wanting to change, see things in a different light and are ready to begin, be brave and let’s get started.