A Short Prayer for Living and Dying 

This life is like a water bubble on a fast-moving stream; the truth is – it’s almost over. With your brief and limited time, live life to its depth, not to its limit.
Coming and going like falling waves – you have been known by many names and titles. Behind each one – a lengthy story, an unconvincing tale, a collapsing myth. Where are they now? These characters in your boat – they were drilling holes when you weren’t looking! Stop wasting time being entranced and taken with these identities and illusions. You’re far too concerned with temporary pleasures, reputation and gain that will all disappear without a moments notice.

Pay attention now so you don’t live in fear later. Prepare for death while you are alive – before it is thrust upon you. Don’t be foolish, this is not your only life. Everything continues, so don’t bet the wrong way. You will experience the results of your thoughts, speech and actions – so watch your conduct carefully while you are still here. Repair and amend your mistakes while you still have time.

The more you struggle to live, the greater the current, the greater the wake. Turn inward to find tranquil seas. You are moving closer to the truth with every passing tick, every moment, every beat, every breath. What you are seeking is not outside – all rivers lead inward. Sever your attachment to the fifty-one that cling. Stop struggling, resist swimming against the tide. Follow the stream – any of which will bring you home. Let go, nothing leaves without something better coming.Hurry and learn the skill of loosening the knots. Uncoil everything and you will find true acceptance.

The work of the eyes and the senses is almost done. Be naked and transparent – unveil your self to reveal yourself. Turn toward and acknowledge the inner sun – don’t hide or be fearful of the light. This is awareness. Bask in luminous brilliance.
Prepare for death as in life. Each time you sleep – cross the hypnagogue, but this time cross while awake, lucid, and conscious. The same process happens while dying. It’s time to let go now – you will soon come to know the truth about material things and possessions. Release this shimmering sea of outer reflections that seem like existence. Let your attachment to friends and loved ones go, be by yourself now.

You will thirst for water and your skin will dry out. You will alternate between feeling very light and very heavy. Heat will recede from your limbs and you will become cold. Your breath will become short, shallow and raspy. Your vision will become blurry. Close your eyes – turn toward what seem like sparks, fireflies, faint echoes, dancing colors and shifting lights. These are only the subtle display of the mind. Don’t become frightened or mesmerized. All will become dark. This is not the end, just the next beginning.

Then there will be an endless light. Rest peacefully in this motionless brilliance. This is timeless awareness. If you fail to recognize this a combination and swirl of frightening images, loved ones and unknown figures will begin to appear… Let these images come and go…don’t be drawn in. These are mere appearances – attach to none of them. Until you recognize the light of awareness – the cycle will continue, endlessly so. Awaken.🌷
Prepare for death as you would for life. Say your goodbyes and forgiveness’ now. Leave no anger in your heart. Visualize these instructions each day in preparation, and this will help you to live your life more fully and when the time comes – you will die peacefully and without regret.

Remember the instructions and may all be auspicious. 🙏

An instruction letter from my mountain hermitage. Dzogchen Valley, Kham, Eastern Tibet.

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