Embrace Change and Appreciate the Moment

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In a single moment, light can illuminate a space that has been darkened for eternity…

You are truly limitless – your very nature is one of never-ending pure potential. So remember, whenever you believe that you have become static, stuck or think that every day is just going to bring more of the same – then you can be certain of this essential truth: you are afraid of something and that something has yet to be faced.

While you may fear the unknown and resist change, these are both losing propositions as this is precisely what life has to offer. One way or another – change is the one aspect of your life you can count on, and the unknown is exactly what awaits. I share an equation with you that has never been proven wrong, and I’m equally certain that it never will – it is better to embrace change, as you will suffer in direct proportion to the degree to which you resist.

Change is built into the very fabric of the way things are, and so there is every reason to embrace impermanence, for doing so is to embrace reality as it is. Moreover, you are not in control over the rate or the vector of change – and in this recognition may you be humbled.

Make plans, and plan for change – it would be foolish not to, but within those plans – plan for this: there is an excellent chance that things will not go as planned.

Don’t let fear of change deter you into remaining frozen or static, however – from relationships, to investments, to your very health – fully accept that not only does nothing last, but that is part of the grand bargain with life itself. This knowledge and embracement of change not only has a silver-lining, but also comes with an extra never-ending benefit:

When you open-heartedly accept that change is all that there really is and therefore you are not in control of the way things are, a deep appreciation, respect and gratitude begins to seep in: you begin to deeply love and fully live with what you have while you have it. You will treat yourself and others differently – you will hug your children longer, you will be less likely to quarrel.

Knowing this – go ahead – breathe it all in – life itself and all of its gifts are right here in front of you, and then exhale – knowing this life will soon be gone. Then live – breathe in again appreciating everything in your life, and repeat…exhale, releasing your resistance to losing it all once more. Embracing the reality of impermanence viscerally changes and invigorates your energy, your attitude…everything. For the better.

May you be happy, May you be well, May you be safe, May you be accepting of the way things are – peaceful and at ease.


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Michael Gregory

Former investment banker turned monk-counselor. Writer, Speaker and Teacher. Encourages others to realize their highest potential.

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