Ultimate Love ❤️


I have come to see that all human interactions, even the most depraved of behaviors, can ultimately be reduced and refined to exactly two qualities: we either display love or display responses that are an expression of a desire to be loved.

We may put up both inner and outer defenses believing that we are protecting ourselves from fear, uncertainty and pain but in so doing we find ourselves to be the ruler of an increasingly vacant and lonely fortress.

To be love and share unconditional  love – all walls must be torn down and we must accept the consequence of this tearing down of our defenses. We must accept the possibility of the pain of our love neither being accepted nor returned. When we open our hearts to  the vulnerability of love, then we are no longer protected from the possibility of pain – in this open space I pray that you remain fearless and accepting.

The enormous breakthrough happens when you truly honor and accept the divine timeless essence – the love within yourself, and henceforth cannot help but see  it in everyone else too – beneath the outer veil of differing views, speech and behaviors – we are all reflections of a seraphic and blissful nature. 

To recognize the essence of love in ourselves and the essence of  love in another is the only way to stop judging and to truly start loving limitlessly and compassionately, caring unconditionally – without questioning  if someone is worthy or not. 

The recognition of ‘I am not separate from you,’ and ‘you are not separate from me,’ is the only way we will stop hurting each other and end our suffering. If I hurt you, I hurt myself. If I deeply begin to love the divine within myself, it is impossible that I could love you any less. 


May you be happy, may you be well, safe, peaceful and at ease.

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Michael Gregory

Former investment banker turned monk-counselor. Writer, Speaker and Teacher. Encourages others to realize their highest potential.

3 thoughts on “Ultimate Love ❤️”

  1. Dear Michael,miss your wonderful comments on Facebook,blessing to you and Davita.This was very touching and so true

  2. The essence of love, a recognition from oneself and then to others… This is pure love… Thank you Michael….

    I treasure your teachings.

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