Wise Speech 


Our Words. Telephone conversations. Emails. Letters. Texts. Social media. 

To bring people together or to pull them apart? Healing and Division. Gossip, backstabbing, malicious talk and slanderous speech. Loving and sweet, straightforward and to the point.

What exactly are you speaking of when you speak of others, circumstances and the world? Unconscious speech. To not know that the words that fall from your tongue are merely expressions of your own mind and nothing more, is what we refer to as unwise speech. 

Wise or mindful speech, is when you realize that speech is not a reflection of the world outside your mind but merely a mirrored caricature of it. Our words become bridges or our words become walls. Our words become poison or they become the medicine itself. Our speech is in accordance with this reflective recognition; that the people in the world, and the world that we perceive are not out there – independent of our minds. 

May your speech be used to heal, soothe, bridge and unite. 

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Michael Gregory

Former investment banker turned monk-counselor. Writer, Speaker and Teacher. Encourages others to realize their highest potential.

One thought on “Wise Speech ”

  1. Even the tone of my thought is the seed for the intention of my words. If my tone lifts from the efforts I make to be mindful, then I can rest knowing what to do. How to be helpful. The old grandmother comes through here, ” if you don’t have something nice to say, don’t say anything at all”. Good advice until I gain more skill. And this skill develops in my meditation practice learning to be still and quiet this inner tone. Tuning this tone / intention of kindness, compassion, and joyful speech so that the self concern of being in competition with some one transforms in email, txt, and voice that puts others at ease, relaxation, brings unity, no matter the subject.

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