Discovering the Power of the Present Moment 


When asked, “How am I supposed to function in daily life if I’m constantly bringing my attention back to the present moment?
My response is quick and sharp: “Finally.”

Until certainty and stability are gained in recognizing the ground of the present moment – which is where you happen to be at all times actually – life is generally spent with little ground in reality at all.

Meandering around in past and future thinking with corresponding and concurrent painful emotions is no way to live a life. You’re a sentient being designed to avoid pain – so the only reason that you would bring pain unto yourself by your own thinking is because you were unaware at one or many different unconscious levels that you were doing so.

Past and Future: There will be no bargaining with things that no longer exist or have not yet occurred. We cannot will ourselves a better or less painful past. Recognize the groundlessness of the past and future before giving them emotional value and energy. The only way to reason with an illusion is to stop accepting it – your mirages will never change into something real. It’s so important for your well-being to run out of faith for the illusions of your mind after recognizing them. All psychological negativity is caused by both a denial of the present and the demand that this moment be different than it is.

Past and future thinking do have their place of course.

Retrospective thinking is vital for remembering lessons learned, recalling memories, and following directions for example. Futuristic thinking is obviously important for planning. It’s vital to bring these conventional thought structures into our lives and it’s just as important to neither spend too much time there and certainly to never suffer for them.

The present moment has this to offer you: The discovery that there is nothing inherently or intrinsically wrong with you. You are neither damaged goods nor a psychological catastrophe. Who and what you are in any given moment is where and how you focus your attention. Train your mind again and again in being completely present and you will discover something both exhilarating and beautiful about yourself: Without the past weighing you down and the future to worry about you are complete and perfect – unlimited and spacious – pure potential.

There is actually nothing blocking your ability to be happy. There is no obstacle to unburdening yourself from the heaviness of your own being. In every moment – You are free.

May you be happy, well, safe, peaceful and at ease🌷

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