Exciting News to Share

Almost twenty years ago I was requested by my teachers to embark on a journey to bring everything I learned from my time in Buddhist monasteries and retreats to the West in hopes of sharing the profound methods of happiness I discovered into an easy to apply methodology. My expressed goal was to give credit to the lineages of ancient instruction while translating the instructions into a secular vernacular to meet busy modern Western minds.

Dr. Tiffany Chenneville, who is both Professor and the Graduate Program Director of Psychology, at the University of South Florida received a grant to study the effects of my work and our counseling group on the mindful treatment of anger, anxiety, guilt and depression.

Several years later the extraordinary results will be released in the next issue of the peer reviewed Journal of Cognitive Psychotherapy. Needless to say – without medications, across the board our approach leads to an incredible and lasting decline in the most prominent and pervasive of destructive emotions.

Thousands of my mindfulness students and coaching clients can attest to the profound results we have achieved in bringing East to West. There is no need to suffer with destructive emotions or go another day without knowing your true path or heartfelt purpose for being. If you would like to try our approach – don’t hesitate to reach out or share our results with friends or family. We have achieved all of our success through hard work and word of mouth. We would love for you to consider trying and applying our positively life-changing and affirming work.

May you be happy, may you be well, safe, peaceful and at ease🙏

An enormous thank you and warm gratitude for the Graduate Students at USF for painstakingly researching our work and program.

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